Pierre’s exceptional cuisine is based on classic French techniques, with Asian, Caribbean, and World influences.

The dinner menu is composed of only the highest quality and freshest ingredients, brought in daily from around the globe: Hawaiian Bigeye tuna, Valhrona chocolate, Margez lamb sausage from Alsace-Lorraine, Australian Lamb, and Norwegian Salmon. Local waters feature-and therefore provide- fresh Yellowtail Snapper, Black Grouper, Florida Lobster, and Mahi-Mahi. Local produce growers bring old-world and new-world fruits, vegetables, and herbs to round out Pierre’s gourmet delights.

Pierre’s dinner offerings are inspired by Executive Chef, Ishmael Toro. Chef Ish is an accomplished culinary chef with an extensive background that encompasses working in high quality establishments in South Florida. As a respected expert in his field for more than 15 years, Chef Ish has comprehensive experience delivering exceptional and unique full-service restaurant and private chef services for all types of customers including celebrity, entertainment and high-profile clientele. Being a formally trained chef, firmly based on fine dining principals and utilizing only the finest quality foods and freshest ingredients. Chef Ish is meticulous in taking immaculate care in his preparation and presentation to create authentic, farm-to-fork signature dishes.